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Air Conditioning Installation Service, Orange Park, Jacksonville, Yulee, Fernandina beach, FL. Want to make sure your HVAC system performs as it should while you keep costly repairs at bay? Invest in residential maintenance plans from Comfort Zone of North Florida Inc.!

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Why Schedule Regular HVAC Inspections and Maintenance?

Often, we receive calls requesting HVAC repairs that could have been avoided had maintenance work been employed. Your HVAC system failing when you need it the most is terribly inconvenient, but it can even be potentially life-threatening under certain conditions. That's why we at Comfort Zone of North Florida Inc. can't stress enough how important an HVAC maintenance plan is for a home.

Schedule regular HVAC inspections and maintenance, and you can enjoy:

  • Optimized HVAC function with dirt and dust buildup prevented
  • A longer-lasting furnace, heat pump, and air conditioning unit
  • Energy efficiency that leads to lower utility costs
  • More affordable fixes where needed, as small problems are caught early before they worsen

Our 24-Point HVAC Maintenance Plan

A maintenance agreement with Comfort Zone of North Florida Inc. entails a visit from our team every six months: one in spring, before the weather gets hot, and another in fall or winter before it gets cold. The days these maintenance visits are set will depend on your own schedule.

To ensure your HVAC system is assessed thoroughly, we use a 24-point maintenance plan. Some of the tasks our HVAC maintenance plan includes inspecting evaporator coils, washing or replacing air filters, cleaning out drain pans, flushing condensates from the drain line, and checking blower wheels.

The Comfort Zone of North Florida Inc. residential HVAC maintenance plan comes with a 30-day warranty on labor and a one-year warranty on parts replaced.


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To learn more about our HVAC maintenance plans and what we can do for you and your home, just give Comfort Zone of North Florida Inc. a call today at (904) 406-0070. To schedule an appointment with us, simply fill out our contact form, and we'll get back to you right away.

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Ensuring Residential Indoor Air Quality In Every Home

Air Conditioner Maintenance, Wildlight, FL. More than the value of your house, the welfare of your family is, no doubt, your top priority. Sometimes, however, the state of your house directly affects the well-being of your loved ones, especially the children. One perfect example is the quality of the air you and your family are enjoying inside your homes, as there are many harmful elements – most of them unseen by the naked eye – that could pose a threat to your family's health when inhaled. Here at Comfort Zone of North Florida Inc., we offer top-notch services that regulate and improve residential indoor air quality.

Knowing the Invisible Threats

Have you been noticing that your family is frequently suffering from respiratory problems? Chances are, the causes may be lurking right within the comforts of your home. The first step to having improved air quality in homes is to recognize and understand the potential threats that are flowing and flying in the air. Indoor pollutants such as mold, mildew, carbon monoxide, and radon, just to name a few, are some of the possible culprits that, if left unchecked, could cause serious health implications.

Since these things are practically unseen, you need the help of a trusted contractor that specializes in residential air control quality, like Comfort Zone of North Florida Inc.

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Let Comfort Zone of North Florida Inc. Take It From Here

We are proud to say that we have a team of indoor air specialists who are trained with the latest knowledge and are equipped with the right tools to address the different types of indoor pollutants that affect the air quality inside homes. We will conduct a careful and thorough examination of the air quality inside your home and determine the root of the problem that is causing the harmful elements to grow and spread. Whether it's a busted air system or a broken air conditioner, we will get it fixed.

Let's Clear And Clean Your Air, Today!

Enjoying safe air, especially inside your home, is a must. Give us a call at (904) 406-0070 to learn more about our residential indoor air quality services. You may also fill out our contact form and request a free quotation that has no strings attached. Let's give you that clean indoor air your family deserves, and let's get you back into your comfort zone today!